BEEF STEAK FROM YOUNG VEAL Lean mince from young veal Minuten steak from young veal Shnitzel from young veal T-bone steak from young veal

“Tandem-Popovo” is a manufacture for production and processing of red meat.

We purchase, produce, cut and market meat and meat products from pork, veal, beef and lamb. Production is carried with special care towards our client. Delivering animals from mountain and semi-mountain regions, bred in an ecological way, is a main objective of the company so the “Antola” brand can be a guarantor for quality meat.

Dear Customer,

Our mission is to offer you a memorable experience from the moment you purchase meat and meat products from “Antola”. Food can be an emotion. Positive emotions require the highest of quality. Let us show you what your receptors can experience. A promise for quality products, delicious food and a friendly attitude – that is our brand “Antola”

Faithfully yours,
The Antola Team